The world's first rotary intelligent storage device

"Tian jiang" series of intelligent electronic silos (patent products) , is the world's first rotary intelligent storage equipment, with high speed, flexibility, large capacity, error-proof, information, cost-effective features. Pick and place a tray of materials in an average of less than 3 seconds, is the current fastest speed of the intelligent electronic silo.

Smart   warehouse team from the actual application, combined with the characteristics of material packaging, deep dig customer pain point, do ground gas, conducive to large-scale application of products


Rotary design

1.The servo motor is used to drive layer by layer

2.360 degrees, two-way rotation

3.In and out of the nearest store

Easily meet the needs of multi-work order at the same time


The building block concept, the Modular design, can be added or subtracted according to the actual site height.

Convenient handling, combination of dexterous, multiple silos can be arbitrary combination, easier planning and deployment of the site, to meet flexible requirements.


Easy to move, flexible combination

The bin is small in size, easy to move and smart in combination, and can be automatically accessed and intelligently sorted by a manipulator.


The size of the tray can be mixed layer by layer

The convenience user divides the material into the customer, the extension type, the separation status carries on the flexible grouping or the division, meets the personalized need. When the material structure changes, the storage location can be easily adjusted


Store address automatic binding

After the plate scanning code, can be put into any empty positions, storage address automatic binding, and synchronization to the WMS system. Motor automatically turn out the next vacancy, waiting for materials into the warehouse, efficient and intelligent, human.


It upends traditional logic, and the line warehouse is also the main warehouse!

Highly flexible closed electronic warehouse and access control, you can move the "warehouse" to the workshop;

It's both the main warehouse and the side-by-side warehouse. Simplifying the feeding process;

Jit Material, timely and appropriate supply.


Closed Bunker, anti-blocking and error-proof

In the process of taking and placing materials, the system will alarm and lock.

Closed Bunker, access control can be carried out, the material can be retrieved through authentication


Rotate the silo, let the cargo find the person

Through the software scheduling, the main Bin Group to form an organic whole, bin around the human rotation, easy to reach, efficient access to materials, save people efficiency.


Both the main warehouse, but also when the line side of the use of the warehouse, to achieve the machine calls material


By docking with MES, the machine call can be realized, and the SMT production line can be prepared quickly and easily.


Less risk of failure and quality

Layered independent drive, module design, when there is a failure, the impact on the production system can be reduced to the minimum; Bin Level Rotation, can avoid the quality risk caused by falling materials.


Modular design, avoid wasting resources

Modular design, smaller base, more flexible. In a real sense, the waste of resources is avoided and the return on investment is higher.


Open ports, perfect integration.

With the open port, customers can merge seamlessly with existing MES or WMS systems.


Smart   warehouse team from the actual application, combined with the characteristics of material packaging, deep dig customer pain point, do ground gas, conducive to large-scale application of products

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