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2019年8月4日  .  Dongguan

Congratulations to smart warehouse company for signing up for AMD's Advanced Micro Devices project!

The heart gathers wisdom, the smart warehouse accumulates thin hair.

With its outstanding product advantages and technical strength, the company stands out among many competitors and has successfully signed the contract in AMD's Advanced Micro Devices smart logistics project.

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2020年7月7日  .  Dongguan

Smart warehouse SMT on-line intelligent electronics


Placed in the line, save space, does not affect the logistics channel.

Two sides take material, person, machine, material closer, reduce personnel walking distance.

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2019年4月21日  .  Shanghai

April 24-26, smart warehouse "tianbingtian general" group, appeared at Nepcon exhibition in Shanghai. It is wonderful and don't miss it!

From April 24 to 26 this month, "Tianbing Tianjiang" will appear in Shanghai Nepcon. We look forward to and welcome you to visit the 1f20 booth of Shanghai World Expo exhibition hall

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2020年4月24日  .  Shanghai
Smart warehouse "Tianbing Tianjiang" appeared in Shanghai Nepcon, gathering guests from all over the world.

April 24,2019, "CYBORG" do not want to miss the opening ceremony of the Electronics Industry, the grand opening of the 2019 Neptune Shanghai Exhibition

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2019年4月25日  .  Shanghai
The popularity of smart warehouse "Tianbing Tianjiang" has soared and continued to be hot, and the visitors to the scene are like clouds!
On April 25, the second day of the exhibition, the booth became more popular, and the passenger flow reached a new high. The think tank "Tianbing Tianjiang" attracted more and more spectators. Many spectators stopped to experience and make in-depth exchanges. Foreign guests from Germany, Thailand and Russia fully recognized the products,
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2019年4月26日  .  Shanghai
smart warehouse "Tianbing Tianjiang" shines at Nepcon China. General manager Yang Yulei is invited to give an exclusive interview. Many industry celebrities come to think tank booth to visit and guide. The exhibition ends perfectly!
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2020年8月5日 Dongguan

Smart warehouse general manager Yang YuLei: How to break the situation of intelligent logistics in SMT factory in the future。

On July 23,2020, the SBSTC step-by-step new technology symposium with the theme of "cohesive force and intelligent construction" was launched in Dongguan. General Manager of think tank Yang Yulei in the seminar, from the future SMT factory intelligent logistics how to start, sharing the new intelligent logistics ideas and information technology solutions.

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2020年8月11日 .Suzhou

Cohesion, the ability to create. August 20, smart  with you about SBSTC STEP-BY-STEP new technology seminar. Suzhou Railway Station.

ADDRESS: Welcome to Sheraton Hotel, friends, SUZHOU! Let's see each other!

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2020年8月20日 . Dongguan
On August 20, 2020, smart warehuse · Suzhou step by step new technology seminar is a complete success!

On August 20, 2020, sbstc new technology seminar was held in Suzhou
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2020年8月27日 . Shenzhen

August 26-27,2020, smart warehouse information was invited to attend SMTA south China high-tech seminar, the conference successfully concluded.

SMTA south China high-tech seminar was held on the spot of Nepcon in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from August 26 to 27,2020.

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2020年6月20日 . Dongguan
The strategic cooperation between "thinktech" and "smart warehouse information" will work hand in hand to enable the intelligent manufacturing of SMT factory!
On June 19, 2020, Shansi
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